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Stainless Steel Bollard Covers – With Just What Reason Do You Need To Decide On..

Posted on October 9, 2018 in AFL Uniforms

Two city councils in the us have applied a radical plan to boost the safety of its residents from vehicle attacks during street parades, events and festivals. Coronado, a suburb of San Diego and Starkville Mississippi have installed countless stainless bollards at specified key access points in the city area having the ability to deploy temporary street closures during events using removable bollards.

The bollards replace police barricades which are bulky and much less secure, often requiring approximately four personnel per intersection to assist in the shutdown. The usage of bollards significantly reduces the requirement for a manned presence allowing resources to become allocated elsewhere.

“The bollards are reducing our necessity for on-site personnel and reducing our need to use our assets for blocking streets,” said Starkville Mayor Lynn Spruill. “Therefore we can allow our police to proceed to do other crowd control and another policing activities around all of those other community.

“Hopefully it might reduce some of our policing overtime requirements,” she added. “Should you don’t need to have four people sitting at an intersection and you may drop it as a result of 2 people sitting at an intersection, you’ve reduced costs and increased your safety factor.”

Starkville is home to Mississippi State University and the famous Bulldog Bash, the biggest free outdoor concert in Mississippi, hosted by the Mississippi State University Student Association. Coronado hosts an annual 4th of July parade and the route is additionally popular with trickers during Halloween.

The projects happen to be financed by general funds street budgets and also have been well accepted through the public. Australian city councils still heavily favour the portable barrier option in fact it is yet to be seen whether or not they will look for a more robust solution moving forward.

Barrier Group have an array of great looking removable bollards that are capable of closing down and protecting a street in rapid time. Should you be a town council and therefore are wanting to improve street festival safety, contact us today! “Any business that includes a rear roller loading door or street accessible plate glass shop fronts should install these types of security bollards to aid deter this sort of crime rampaging the city and get away from the headache of cleaning up and restocking after being robbed.”

North Geelong based company Barrier Group has manufactured and designed locally made ram raid security bollards since 1999. These bollards can be bought Australia wide and also to overseas destinations including USA and New Zealand. Before, we have now seen a sizable increase in the quantity of ram raid’s on several businesses selling electrical goods, bicycles and licensed bottle shops.

Recently, ram-raid robberies have spiked again and can unfortunately never stop completely. Do you want to eliminate the potential risk of ram-raids by ensuring maximum security in your business? The easy option to avoid qhgbxb form of burglary would be to install either removable or fixed bollards stopping thieves inside their tracks by acting being a deterrent from attempted ram raid robberies. Barrier Group manufactures several varieties of security bollards like the Cam-Lok and Sleeve-Lok roller door bollards in freestanding or removeable models. These bollards are key-lock or padlock operated. Roller door models include a durable door assembly to secure the door to the floor.